Just as a quick background, I work in healthcare with long working hours. I started seeing Nikki 6 months ago regarding lower spine degradation and associated chronic lumbar/base pain. I would wake up in the morning struggling to move. After an x-ray revealed the degredation, my orthopedic doctor wanted to keep me on opioids and antiinflammatories to manage, with no possibility of improvement (I’m 28!!); I was also advised to reduce activity. I told him to sod off (wasn’t that polite at the time).

I’ve subsequently explained the situation to Nikki and decided to start active physio to tackle it, knowing full well how the body can cope/recover with correct advice.

Though her methods are painful at the best of times and make me want to curl up in a corner and cry, 6 months on, PAIN FREE. No painkillers, just expert advice having returned me to my normal self (doctors can be clueless and cynical sometimes). I now do 1 session a month to make sure it stays that way.

I can’t thank her enough, and more importantly, can’t recommend her enough as both a patient and healthcare worker.