Alecs Donovan

  • Yogability Founder
  • CrossFit Level 1 Coach
  • Yogability and Mobility Teacher
  • Mobility and Movement Specialist Course
  • MSc Media, Communication and PR
  • Welsh Rugby Player

As the Founder of Yogability, I am known as “the rugby playing yogi”! I have been a sport competitor since I was two years old. Sport was always my first love and having parents who have achieved international status in their own disciplines, there is no doubt that sport is in my genes.

After two years out with a serious injury, during which time yoga became my friend and helped in my rehabilitation. Before getting injured, yoga was definitely not for me. It didn’t make me sweat and I just wasn’t interested! Mainly because I did not understand all of its benefits. Rupturing my Achilles in 2013 meant that the one thing I could do was yoga. I decided to try it and try different types. At first I couldn’t understand how on earth people, three times my age, were better than me; more flexible, stronger and healthier than I was! I quickly came to appreciate the importance and benefits that yoga brings.

From there, I chose to study yoga, eventually creating my own method. I wanted to create a form of yoga that all athletes, especially those rehabilitating from injury, would really benefit from. I also wanted to target those who are interested in general fitness and well-being, who thought yoga was too basic or not enough of a workout. As a result, Yogability was born.

I am currently back playing rugby for the Ospreys and Wales. I am stronger, fitter and so much more flexible than I was a few years ago, which helps me avoid the unnecessary tightness that leads to injury.

I am an advocate for functional training and injury prevention. Alongside rugby and yoga, I train using the CrossFit method. CrossFit has the ability to make you work hard, from total beginners to those who have competed at the highest level of sport. Four years in, I am continually amazed at the drastic improvements that the CrossFit philosophy delivers.

I truly believe Yogability compliments CrossFit and vice versa – without mobility and strength through range you cannot achieve complex movements without risk of injury. As well as group coaching, I have had the pleasure of working on a one to one basis with many CrossFit athletes – from beginners to Games standard. I offer one to one Personal Training and small group CrossFit sessions, or sessions can include a mixture of Yogability and training. I love seeing my clients movements get better, their lifts get stronger and their skillset improve by mixing Yogability and CrossFit methods.

Clubs & Teams

GB Rowing, Wales 7s squad, WRU squad, Dragons Rugby, Bristol Bears Rugby, British Cycling, Welsh Rowing, Crossfit Athletes,  Swansea City Football, MMA, Swansea Uni Swim, Swansea Uni Rugby, Swansea Uni Netball, Cardiff Uni Rugby, Cardiff Uni Netball, Glamorgan Cricket.

Alecs Donovan

Yogability, CrossFit, Personal Training
MSc Media Communications and Public Relations, CrossFit L1
Sport: Ex-Netballer, Rugby Player