Acupuncture is one of the many skills employed within injury rehabilitation as part of an integrated approach to the management of pain and inflammation.

We base our treatments on scientific research and clinical evidence that articulates that Acupuncture can reduce pain by stimulating the brain and spinal cord to produce natural pain-relieving chemicals such as endorphins, melatonin (which promotes sleep) and serotonin (to promote well-being), to name but a few. These chemicals assist the body’s healing processes and offer pain relief as a precursor to other treatments such as manual therapy or exercise in order to aid recovery.

Currently there are two types of acupuncture. Traditional acupuncture forms part of Chinese medicine, based on a holistic concept of treatment, which regards ill health as a manifestation of imbalance in the body’s energy. Medical acupuncture is a more recent concept based on anatomy, physiology and current medical models, used for the purpose of muscular pain relief. At Functional Rehab, we use both, depending on your individual needs.

Combined Treatment Methods

Both acupuncture methods can be used to help with injuries, but also as a recovery method for tight muscles or to address other issues such as tension headaches, arthritis and chronic pain. To achieve the best results, we use scientific evidence to combine treatment methods as a means of reducing pain and promoting healing, in conjunction with exercise and rehabilitation techniques in order to promote recovery and improve quality of life.

“The preservation of health is easier than the cure for disease”

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