Rest does not equal rehabilitation.

Rehabilitation exercises are paramount following injury, and all injuries require a period of strength and conditioning before returning to day-to-day activities and/or sports. This period helps to increase muscle strength, edurance and power, develop core stability, improve balance and proprioception and prevent re-injury. However, understand that rehabilitation can be extremely daunting and believe that guidance is essential. We aim to deliver expert, evidence-based rehab sessions to ensure all our patients can confidently return to their activities.

Tailored Sessions

During early stages of rehabilitation, we will focus on reducing pain and inflammation and improving range of movement, before introducing strength and endurance building exercises during mid and late stages.  Each session will be tailored to individual needs, depending on specific injuries and activities.

Over time we can develop compensatory movement patters – due to areas of weakness, the result of an injury, or in response to a lifestyle-related issue. Our rehabilitation sessions can also be used to identify and address such compensations. Our sessions are 40-60mins long, and can be standalone sessions or coupled with our treatment sessions. We have successfully rehabilitated many patients using a mixed session, incorporating physical therapy, manual therapies and functional exercises.

Guidance & Education

As well as supervising you through the physical rehabilitation, we will guide and educate you on the relevant rehabilitation protocols. We can also make recommendations with regards to lifestyle, weight maintenance and fitness, along with improvements to your posture and lifting technique to ensure that issues and injuries do not recur. We like to use the rehab process to get you stronger and fitter than pre-injury!

If you are a gym-goer or athlete, we can modify your current training programme to cater for your current injury, which will enable you to train around it. For a successful return to sport or training, the soft tissue strength around an injury site required particular stresses that are specific to your training or sport. Our Gym-based Rehabilitation protocols will enable you to progress safely through the re-modelling phase and return to sport a stronger athlete.

“You need to do more than you think to recover from an injury”

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