Personal Training

We offer personalized, goal-oriented Personal Training sessions with some of the most proficient trainers and physios around. With over 8 years Personal Training experience, our one to one training sessions designed specifically for each of our clients’ goals. We are passionate about building a relationship with our clients, offering support, motivation and accountability.

Each session will be different to the last so that you’ll never get bored, and we pride ourselves on helping people achieve a fitter and healthier lifestyle, and more importantly enjoying the process. We are flexible in our approach – sessions are available multiple times a week, weekly, fortnightly, monthly or remotely.

Upon request, we can also programme additional sessions for you to carry out in your own time (at home or at the gym).

We are not just gym-focused; we also provide education to our clients with regards to living a healthy lifestyle in areas including general health, mindset and nutrition.

Our approach to food is well balanced and easy to follow. We believe in keeping it simple with both exercise and eating; a well-rounded training programme and a balanced diet will result in a confident, healthy and fit individual.

Strength and Conditioning

Strength and Conditioning can be used to improve performance, rehabilitate and prevent injuries and also teach proper mechanics. It can be a vital part of injury rehabilitation, especially useful in late stage rehab, and can help maintain strength and fitness levels.

Our Strength and Conditioning specialists can identify movement imbalances, performance discrepancies and strengths and weaknesses, and as a result design individualised programmes to address these factors, resulting in increased performance.  We have experience working with many different individuals, at all performance levels – from elite athletes to non-competitive gym-goers.

CrossFit Coaching - aka “the sport of fitness”

The CrossFit training method involves performing constantly varied, functional movements at a high-intensity. The workouts are different every day and modified to help each individual achieve their goals.

CrossFit has the ability to make you work hard, from total beginners to those who have competed at the highest level of sport. All workouts can be adapted for people at any age or level of fitness.

4 years in, we are continually amazed at the drastic improvements that the CrossFit philosophy delivers. The results of this training method speak for themselves and are evident all over the world.

Our favourite part of coaching is being a part of and helping others to discover their own journeys in this sport, and hoping that it changes their lives as much as it has ours.

“If exercise could be purchased in a pill, it would be the single most beneficial medicine”

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