We're Passionate About Performance

At Functional Rehab we are very passionate about all aspects of human performance, specializing in injury rehabilitation and training. We are enthusiastic about helping people, aiming to optimise your function and well-being to get you back to your activities.

With a team of qualified and experienced practitioners offering a comprehensive service, we want to help you hurt less and move better.

For those injured, we provide a comprehensive approach that allows us to educate, prevent, assess, diagnose, treat and rehabilitate musculoskeletal in sporting and non-sporting individuals.

Individualised Approach

We take an individualised approach in our assessment, diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation of sports and lifestyle injuries. We believe that our method of combining manual therapy and rehabilitation is the key to success, offering both physiotherapist and personal trainer led rehabilitation sessions.

We are experienced in delivering preventive and therapeutic interventions, with an interest in identifying injury risk factors and preventing future injuries through corrective exercise.

For those who aren’t injured, we want to keep it that way! We offer injury prevention services including maintenance massage sessions for those tight muscles, gym based prehab sessions to address any movement imbalances and strengthening weak muscles as well as one to one personal training sessions tailored to your goals,. Whether that’s to lose weight, build strength, get fitter, perform better at your sport or learn new skills, we are adaptable to your needs.

- Nikki

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