Injury & Performance Specialist

Functional Rehab

Injury & Performance Specialist

Welcome To Functional Rehab

  • At Functional Rehab we specialise in two things; Injury Rehabilitation and Performance.
  • We are currently based at 179 CrossFit (Swansea) & UFit (Cardiff).
  • We offer range of services including Sports Injury Treatment and Rehabilitation, Sports Massage Therapy and Recovery, Strength and Conditioning, Personal Training, Sports-Specific Training and CrossFit Coaching.
  • By specialising in different disciplines, we take a whole person approach to injuries and injury prevention and will address the cause of your problems rather than just your symptoms.
  • Whether you are struggling with an injury, want to improve your performance or stay fit, healthy and pain free, we will help you achieve your goals.

Our Aim:

  • In a nutshell, we want to help get you pain free, moving well and performing better.
  • We keep an open mind and take an interest in the most recent knowledge and evidence to provide our patients with the best advice possible for a healthy lifestyle and pain-free living.
  • We aspire to work differently than traditional clinics, be influential in our industry and change the perception of what healthcare means.
  • We do this by taking a proactive and alternative approach to injury rehab; thinking outside the box, doing things a little differently and empowering our patients to achieve more.


“The body’s capacity to heal is greater than anybody has permitted you to believe”

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