Injury Rehabilitation

We take a whole person approach to injuries and will address the cause of your problems rather than just your symptoms. We do this by taking a proactive and alternative approach to injury rehab; thinking outside the box, doing things a little differently and empowering our patients to achieve more. We believe that our method of combining manual therapy and rehabilitation is the key to success. We want to help get you pain free, moving well and performing better.


Treatment Prices

  • Injury Assessment and Treatment, Sports Massage, Gym-Based Rehab
    – 40 minutes £30
    – 60 minutes £40
  • Acupuncture (Medical or Chinese)
    – 40 minutes £30*
  • Gym Based Rehab and Treatment Sessions
    – 60 minutes £40
    – 90 minutes £55

Monthly Maintenance Packages also available

*acupuncture can also be coupled with another treatment method

Performance Training

We are advocates for functional training for injury prevention. Whether you are struggling with an injury, want to improve your performance or stay fit, healthy and pain free, we will help you achieve your goals. We offer injury prevention services including yogability, maintenance massage sessions, gym based prehab and personal training to address any movement imbalances, strengthening weak muscles and improve mobility. Whether your goal is to lose weight, build strength, get fitter, perform better at your sport or learn new skills, we are adaptable to your needs.

Training Prices

  • Personal Training
    – Available upon request
  • CrossFit one to one Coaching
    – £35 per session
    – £120 for 4 sessions
  • Yogability one to one
    – £35 per session
  • Training/Gym Programming
    – £35 per month
  • Sports Specific Gym Programming
    – £40 per month