Douglas Heel Be Activated Method

Nikki Donovan
What if you could teach your body how to move in a correct form without having to think about it each time?

Be Activated is a cutting edge, injury rehabilitation, sports performance and lifestyle treatment that returns your body back to its natural physiology. It can be used for injury rehab (to prevent and heal injuries), sports performance (by removing poor movement patterns), and for business performance or day to day life – the results are instant and you will feel an immediate improvement.


The theory behind the method

The human body has two priorities for survival. The first is to breathe and the second is to move, and without both we will die.  Your body will adopt compensations and sacrifice anything it can to meet it’s two main priorities. But these compensations then get tired and eventually break.  These compensations put us at risk and leave us less resilient to life and result in pain, injuries and poor performance.


Though the body is able to efficiently overcome the stresses and pressures of life, this can result in reduced movement and function. If you experience a traumatic event, suffer from injuries, or are simply pushing yourself too hard, measurable reductions in strength, power, flexibility, speed, balance, co-ordination, and endurance occur. 


It is almost inevitable nowadays – for everyone. But the reason Be Activated is so different is because the compensations are equally simple to reverse when you honour what your body needs in order to function correctly. 


The Method

Be Activated immediately and measurably improves your strength, power, endurance, flexibility, speed, balance, and co-ordination. It also measurably helps to improve your visual field and point of focus, removing weak blindspots from your game that could include heading a ball, specific shots in tennis or playing over water in golf.

Muscle Activation jump-starts the body into correct form, automatically. It interrupts poor patterns and rewires the template your brain uses. A correctly functioning human body is designed to move in a 1-2-3 sequence pattern, starting with the diaphragm and ending with the tips of our fingers and toes, resulting in expansion.


Zone 1 should activate first during any movement. This is driven by your hip flexors (psoas) and hip extensors (glutes).
Zone 2 should activate next. This involves your quads, abdominals, lower back and hamstrings.
Zone 3 – finally your lower legs, ankles, feet, upper back, shoulders, arms, neck and hands should activate.  
An activated body functions in a 1-2-3 sequence. This sequence results in optimal movement and performance and prevents injuries.


If Zone 1 does not activate first, Zone 2 takes over the role, whilst also trying to do its own job, but it will eventually break down. The result – lower back pain, disc/labral issues, tight hamstrings, groin strains, thigh and knee injuries. Non-contact knee injuries can also be caused by this pattern.

When Zone 2 weakens, Zone 3 will initiate your movements, eventually breaking down too. The result –shoulder problems, back and neck pain, tennis elbow, sore wrists and forearms, shin splints, plantar fasciitisor chronic ankle problems and cramp.


By using this method, we will help you understand why specific injuries have happened and how your body is compensating, limiting the capabilities of your performance or causing pain. Activation reboots your neuromuscular system, which eliminates injuries and helps you perform movements in the correct way.


Sports Performance

The Be Activated philosophy and principles are the same for every sport. Whether you are injured, underperforming, or just want that extra edge over your competitors and would love to know what you are really capable of, Be Activated! A variety of teams around the world embrace this method. Sports stars including Michael Jordan, David Beckham, John McEnroe, Jack Nicklaus, and Wladimir Klitschko have all been activated.


Day to day Performance

As well improving sporting performance, this method is a powerful tool for stress management, and can quickly break common patterns of movement dysfunction and chronic pain. It can be used to interrupt stress patterns, remove mental and emotional blocks, gain clarity and focus, remove poor sleep patterns, and increase confidence and self-motivation.A perfectly tuned, stress-free person makes for quite some colleague, partner, employee, and student.  The Activation techniques are simple to teach and offer unique, powerful tools for control over your own health.



“Our body has two priorities for survival; to breathe and to move – and without both – we will die! Our body finds ways to meet those priorities, and it’s willing to sacrifice anything else in order to do this”

“The key to treating traumatic symptoms in humans is in our physiology”

“Our bodies communicate to us clearly and specifically, if we are willing to listen”


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