With a Masters in Sports Rehabilitation, I specialize in muscular injuries. This includes assessment, diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation of sport and lifestyle injuries. I have worked with a variety of patients from all walks of life, educating and supporting them through hands-on treatment and exercise rehabilitation. Having gone through four knee operations, I can appreciate and understand how frustrating injuries can be. Nothing makes me happier than helping people get back to their best. Achieving a Masters in Sports Psychology allows me to incorporate this method in the recovery and performance of every person in my care. I am a strong believer that a holistic approach is the key to optimal recovery and performance. As the owner of a sports injury rehab company, I am an advocate of functional training for injury prevention. My experiences as a CrossFit Coach also proves to be useful with observing how people move and identifying potential injury risk factors. I have a particular interest in injury prevention through corrective exercise.


CrossFit has the ability to make you work hard, from total beginners to those who have competed at the highest level of sport. Four years in, I am continually amazed at the drastic improvements that the CrossFit philosophy delivers. I discovered CrossFit after giving up sport due to injury and have never looked back. At 30 years old I feel fitter and stronger than ever. Coaching CrossFit is more of a passion than a job; I feel inspired on a daily basis by the amazing things our members achieve and the sense of community within the sport. I truly believe that CrossFit can help us to become the best versions of ourselves. My favourite part of coaching is helping others to discover their own journeys in this sport, and hoping it changes their lives as much as it has mine.


BSc Sport and Physical Education
MSc Sports Psychology
MSc Sports Rehabilitation
BASES Accredited Sport and Exercise Scientist
BASRaT Accredited Sports Rehabilitator
Certified CrossFit Level 3 Coach
Douglas Heel Be Activated Level 2 Practitioner
FA Level 4 Intermediate Trauma Medical Management in Football
Medical Acupuncture and Advanced Dry Needling
RFU Immediate Care in Sport Level 2
WRU Sports Trauma Level 2

Nikki Donovan

Functional Rehab Founder

My Philosophy

I aspire to work differently than traditional clinics, be influential in this industry and change the perception of what healthcare means. I do this by taking a proactive and alternative approach to injury rehab; thinking outside the box and doing things a little differently.

As an athlete myself, I have experienced the highs and lows of sport, including several debilitating injuries. My expertise in training as well as injury rehab means I have a strong focus on building a solid foundation, moving well, and helping people return to high levels of function, whether you are returning to elite level sport or day-to-day activities.

My Background

  • 10+ years Personal Training
  • 6 years CrossFit training
  • 5 years CrossFit coaching (Level 3 Coach)
  • Represented Wales in Acrobatics
  • Qualified for the British University Weightlifting Championships
  • Favourite CrossFit movement - anything with a barbell


I have always been involved in high-performance sporting environments, this stems from my parents, my father having played rugby for Wales and my mother, who is still playing hockey for Wales. I am enthusiastic about helping people and love learning new things, different experiences and building on my knowledge base.  I have previously worked as a CrossFit Coach in Abu Dhabi and in a Physiotherapy Clinic in the French Alps. Recently, I spent a month working in Switzerland with the Chinese National Snowboarding Team. These opportunities have allowed me to be exposed to and treat a variety of different injuries, and working in elite sport has provided the opportunity to work with the highest performing athletes.